U.S. Market Updates

22 Apr U.S. Market Updates

The united states market has had some interesting developments in the past week, from consumer prices to oil there have been significant changes that could effect the average consumer in one way or another and it is important to keep yourself informed and updated on these developments that can and will have a strong impact on America and her citizens.

Now there is a lot of other information that is buried underneath the surface level of this report. Now excluding energy and food, prices rose 2.2% for the year. What this means is that most areas excluding energy either dropped or slowed their growth rate completely. This also couples with the retail sales being down 0.3% in March and was pulled even lower by the auto industry, which is even worse considering there were projections expecting a 0.1% gain in this same market. The auto industry hasn’t had very promising numbers in the past few months and this definitely doesn’t help. Now some analysts say that due to the main demographic for buying cars is about age 54, and this is supposedly promising due to the fact that the largest number of baby boomers was born in 1961, 55 years ago. So if you’re in the market for a new set of wheels, it might be best to wait for a month or two until the retail sales and the supply surplus bring the price down.
With the oil surplus continuing to stack and auto sales continuing to fall there is going to be some price drops in America in the coming months. To make sure that you and your assets are safe, contact David Ortiz your trusted investment advisor representative today.

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