Maximize Social Security And Maximize Your Retirement

14 Oct Maximize Social Security And Maximize Your Retirement

Social Security is a program that has helped generations of Americans retire simply, safely, and without reason to worry, until recently. In recent years less and less retirees have been able to count on social security as a main flow of retirement income. In fact, some say that social security might not even be around for the next generations. Why is that? Well if you think about Social Security as a checking account it becomes easier to grasp the situation and why it is as bad as it is. For a checking account to function you have to be putting more money in than you are taking out, simple right? Well here’s a scary fact, in 1960 there were more than five workers “depositing” into the Social Security “checking account” for every person, disable or retired, making “withdrawals” from Social Security. Today however, there are less than three workers giving for every person receiving Social Security. At this rate it’s easy to see why many specialists assume it won’t even be around in the coming years. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still take advantage of Social Security, and make it one of your sources of income in your retirement. There are many avenues and advantages that the workers at S.S. won’t tell you, not because they don’t want you to get the money you worked for, but simply because it isn’t there job, and these strategies can get pretty confusing at times when you have no experience in the field. In fact, for many of my clients, maximizing their Social Security has been able to pay off their mortgage, cover their basic expenses, and simply give them peace of mind in a stressful time. Maximizing Social Security is something that can add a large amount of income to your retirement portfolio and allow you to free up other assets to be able to enjoy the retirement that you truly deserve. Don’t let your money slip away, call me now and together we can maximize your Social Security plan, maximize your retirement plan, and maximize your retirement for you and your loved ones.

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