How Much Money Do I Need For My Retirement?

26 Oct How Much Money Do I Need For My Retirement?

Probably one of the biggest question if not the biggest question when it comes to retirement planning, is how much money will I need for my retirement? This question is complicated because it affects you every day before and during your retirement trying to budget your day to day life now while budgeting your eventual retirement expenses. One of the most basic ways of retirement budget planning is by looking at your budget now, adding inflation and taking out your expenses from working and there you go. But the problem with this method is that it assumes that your life in retirement is going to be the same as your life right now, which couldn’t be more wrong. You’re going to want to do all the traveling and experiences with your loved ones that you never had time to do and without an income from work to support that, it must come out of your retirement fund. In this way, its best to work backwards. That means planning for your possible long term health care, the increase in costs of healthcare, as well as any expenses, vacations, and other ventures you may want to pursue. By doing this you plan the retirement you want rather than living the one that falls into your lap when you reach 65. The problem with planning for the retirement you want compared to the one you can afford right now is that there is usually a big difference in the budget leaving many retirees wondering how they are going to be able to afford the retirement they dreamed of and worked for. This is where the expertise of an Experienced retirement income expert comes in. David Ortiz has had just shy of 30 years experience helping retirees create the retirement they always dreamed of using the work they already put in throughout their life. Through many forms of conventional, safe, and alternative investments David Ortiz creates a personal portfolio for each client specifically tailored to their retirement needs and goals throughout their golden years, and is there every step of the way. Don’t hesitate, call David Ortiz now and put your retirement worries to rest.

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