Post Election

22 Nov Post Election

With the election comes change and reaction, which is not necessarily bad. With Trump winning the election bank and energy stocks soared with interest rates while tech companies fell off. Most of this is based on Trumps pro-growth plan dependent on private investors. In relation to this the U.S. dollar has reached near 13 year highs. Trumps stimulus plans point towards higher interest rates, alongside lower taxes and support in the energy sector, all signs point towards growth in the American economy. This means that while other countries move their business to the U.S., their purchasing power of imports will fall while price of exports in America fall as well. Internationally, the Eurozone’s GDP is up 0.3% as a whole, but the same cannot be said for Germany and France, only growing by 0.2%. Spain stood out at 0.7% growth however the numbers still speak that Europe is not yet fixed, and with more business coming to America from across waters Europe might not be on their feet for a while.  Overall after the election, America is still in a phase of growth, but patience is key, as well as volatility.

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