Don’t Depend On Someone Else

01 Dec Don’t Depend On Someone Else

Pensions used to be a dependable backbone for the American retirement plan. You put in your time and take care of your company, and in return they take care of you. But with the changes made in the economy there has been less and less room in the budget for many companies to be able to support the larger number of retirees on their pension. In fact, in 1980 about 40% of private sector workers had a defined benefit plan and today that number is closer to 10%. The problem is round about the same as the problem with Social Security, there just isn’t enough money coming in as there is going out. With the baby boomer generation retiring thousands of individuals every day, that’s more people to pay, and less people to make the money. Pretty basic, but the problem is still there for all Americans. Although the proposed pension cuts to Plans such as the Central States and the Ironworkers Union have been turned down, that’s not to say that the cuts will never happen. Social Security isn’t far off with there being only 3 workers paying in to every retiree getting paid out of the system. This looks pretty bad when you note that in 1950 there were 17 workers paying in for every retiree receiving benefits, and that by 2030 there is only going to be 2 employees for every retiree. The whole point is even if Social Security and Defined Benefit plans don’t disappear, they are going to shrink, a lot. Being able to create your own retirement income that you can’t outlive is more important with each day that passes. David Ortiz uses multiple different vehicles to create a dependable income for you and your loved ones, that is designed not only just for you, but to last you forever as well. Being able to depend on yourself for your retirement is priceless and more valuable every day.

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