Why Plan Out Your Estate?

Well to put it simply, if you don’t plan out your estate, the government already has a plan in place for you! It’s called ‘Probate’. See what ‘estate plan’ California already has in place for you California Courts Probate

Many families lose a lot of money, assets, and relationships with each other, simply because estate planning wasn’t performed on their loved one’s estate.

By having expert estate planning done, Your Personal Estate Plan will:

  • Establish a trust for the benefit of your family and others.
  • Eliminate probate as well as the loss and emotional distress that it causes.
  • Avoid family disputes and conflicts as well as ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.
  • Greatly discourage legal challenges.
  • Maintain your privacy and anonymity.
  • Minimize your estate taxes to the fullest extent permitted by the law.
  • Identify the guardians for your minor children.
  • Eliminate the need for family members to make difficult decisions about your health care in the event you’re incapacitated.

And it’s important to understand that each and every person is unique. Our clients are all different and have different needs. So every financial plan that we design is customized to each person and their unique needs. Because of this, we first help you determine where you are, and then together we determine where you want to be and the best way to get there.

Whether your concerns are that you want to generate income to live off of now; prepare for your retirement down the road; you’re risk-averse and afraid to lose money, or you’re a little braver to take a bit more risk yet yield greater returns, we can help you accomplish your exact financial goals.

At Ortiz World Wealth, we design complete, solid, comprehensive estate plans that get you the exact results that you want. We also make sure to always stay abreast of changes in the estate tax laws (laws do change) to ensure that your estate plan includes every possible ADVANTAGE for you. And we do it all for a price that fits comfortably into your budget.

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