Income Strategies

The Bucket Strategy

The Bucket Strategy is a safe solution plan that utilizes multiple safe investment options in order to maximize your assets and give you a dependable income that you wont outlive. With healthy returns and multiple investments of varying risk and return to give you a comfortable and secure future.

A Bucket Strategy For Retirement Income?

One approach to developing a retirement income plan is the bucket strategy. A bucket strategy segments retirement assets by certain categories. Categories may be based on the risk level of the assets, the needs or expenses these assets are expected to cover or the period of time in retirement when the assets are expected to generate income. Download a sample to see what a bucket strategy looks like in action.

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Income Planning Strategies

Discover retirement income planning strategies that enable you to leverage existing accounts to produce a maximized retirement.

Segmented Strategy: The Smart Guide to Sound Investing

Today, people are living longer, which means you need to think long-term when planning your retirement income needs. The last thing you want is to run out of money in retirement and have to once again go back to work or figure out how to generate more income, or worse yet, depend on others. Find out how the Segmented Strategy – aka Bucket Strategy – can help you plan, weather, and save for today, tomorrow, and unknown volatility or emergencies on the horizon.

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Professional Money Management:
The Smart Guide to Sound Investing

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