The Ortiz World Wealth Team

David P. Ortiz

RIA and Founder

More About David

With over 31 years of experience in the financial industry, David Ortiz has become a well-versed and trusted advisor in the wealth management sector. Ortiz’s expertise in financial planning spans across estate, insurance, long-term care and retirement planning, and his work has served nearly 5,000 families over the course of his career. Prior to becoming an independent investment advisor in 2016, Ortiz utilized his RIA license as an Investment Adviser Representative for companies including Gradient Securities, Newport Coast Securities, Trajan Wealth and Total Advisor Network. A graduate from Los Angeles Trade Tech with a success-driven mentality, Ortiz attained securities licenses for series 6, 63 and 65, as well as a California Insurance License.

Colorado-born and California-grown, David Ortiz is no stranger to the scenic views of the west. Being one of five siblings in the family, Ortiz had nothing short of a lively upbringing in Torrance. Today, he remains in California with Gloria, his wife of 35 years, and works closely with his two grown children, Gabriel and Elias, at his independent financial firm. When he’s not putting in hours at the office, Ortiz likes to stay challenged on the turfs with a few competitive rounds of golf or by casting a line for some deep sea sportfishing. His athletic roots stem from grade school, which later inspired him to coach high school football at Calvary Chapel High School in Downey, CA. And while his schedule remains busy, Ortiz stays focused on his faith by volunteering time to his local church every week.

Greg L. Wilson


More About Greg

Greg Wilson holds a notable professional background with 17 years in the aerospace purchasing and management industry, and 10 years in pharmaceutical product distribution. Five years ago, Greg pursued a career in financial services and earned a certification in series 65 to specialize in retirement income planning. As a double major from University of California, Wilson holds a degree in economics and geography/urban and regional development. Today, he attends American College of Financial Services to work toward a master’s degree in financial services. Wilson is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps Reserve, serving his country from 1984 to 1990.

Born in Montebello, CA and a graduate from Whitter High School, Greg Wilson stayed close to his California roots through college and beyond. In 1999, he married his loving wife Juliana and, together, they grew their family to a size of six. Raising two older boys, Nathaniel and John, and a younger set of twins, Chloe and Elise, Wilson kept his hands full with homeschooling his children for nearly 10 years. He stays active in the community by serving as a junior high pastor at Calvary Chapel and as a youth sports coach in the Whittier Area Community Church. But Wilson also enjoys staying athletic year-round, with indoor futsal every fall and basketball in the spring. His favorite current pastime is enhancing his artistic skills by learning guitar with his oldest son, Nathaniel.

Steve Clark, Case Manager, Ortiz World Wealth

Steve Clark

Case Manager

More About Steve

Steve Clark has nearly 30 years of experience in the education field, as well as nine years in the commercial construction industry and six years in the insurance business. As a knowledgeable professional in numerous fields, Steve is quick to adapt to new environments and conquer every challenge he may face along the way. With seven years of experience in estate and business planning with Northwestern Mutual and New York Life, Steve is equipped with the expertise needed to help strategize the best insurance plans for his clients at Ortiz World Wealth.

Born in Montebello, California and raised in Whittier, Steve’s upbringing was nothing short of adventurous. Raised in a household that holds a passion for the outdoors, Steve grew up with a love for fishing, camping, hunting and hiking. His outdoor hobbies later inspired him to go backpacking and even lead him overseas for short-term mission trips in Russia and Mexico. Steve remained close to home through college and beyond. During his time at Whittier College, he met his wonderful wife Susan and, together, they raised four children and three grandchildren. Aside from family, outdoors and travel, Steve is devoted to his faith. He served as a Biblical Counselor for 27 years and as a children’s ministry for six; he also trained other counselors for crusades and outreaches.

Laurel Donoghue

Case Manager

More About Laurel

Laurel Donoghue has worked in the insurance industry for 16 years. She specializes in onboarding and account maintenance, empowering customers to take control of their experience by giving them a detailed understanding of the services provided. Her friendly presence and ability to tailor the experience to each customer allows Laurel to maintain a high customer retention rate and overall satisfaction. Laurel also holds a license in California Life and Health.

Laurel’s casual bio will be coming soon.

Susan Clark

Administrative Assistant

More About Susan

New to the financial field but a veteran in real estate and human resources, Susan is eager to utilize her previous experience in new and innovative ways. With knowledge in management and working as an administrative assistant, Susan uses her organizational skills to keep everything in line and on top. Her educational background in Whitter College solidified the foundation for her career and prepared her for new journeys along the way.

Born in Santa Paula and raised in Oxnard through childhood, Susan later settled down in Whittier to maintain her California lifestyle. Susan grew up with four sisters and several dogs, setting a goal to keep a big family for generations to come. She now has three grandchildren and even has hopes of adding a West Highland White Terrier to the mix. Known to be a travel enthusiast, Susan is a frequent flyer traveling to countries including Morocco, Scotland, England, Russia and Philippines for mission trips over the years. She has a passion for discipling and mentoring women, and later founded a successful women’s ministry at a So Cal church.

Gabriel Ortiz

Client Services Manager

More About Gabriel

Gabriel Ortiz is a seven-year industry veteran with specializations in estate planning, business management and customer service. His comprehensive understanding of how to work with different financial service companies has shaped the way he approaches each client to deliver the best results. Ortiz now works alongside his father, David Ortiz, in the family firm as an advisor himself. Growing up with a strong leader in the wealth management sector has rooted a passion for financial advising in Ortiz that promises many years of future success.

Growing up in Southern California, Gabriel Ortiz pursued a variety of clubs, sports and hobbies through his educational career. From acting and filmmaking to Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu, Ortiz is known as the man of many talents in his family. His close bond with his mom, dad and brother keep him driven in his professional career, but on the weekends, you can find him exploring the great outdoors either fishing or camping. Ortiz is passionate about charities including Restaurant Employee Relief Fund and Salvation Army, and his favorite cause is the Hispanic Alliance for Career Advancement.

Elias Ortiz

Marketing Manager

More About Elias

Elias Ortiz is a marketing professional specializing in content creation, social media and advertising. Working closely with his father and brother in the family firm, Ortiz is the glue that keeps Ortiz World Wealth active with a strong brand presence. A graduate from Lake Forest College with a degree in communications, Ortiz possesses a passion for creating compelling content that doesn’t just serve as a marketing tactic, it brings a community together as a whole.

Just like the rest of the Ortiz family, Elias is a California local raised in Whittier. Growing up just outside of Los Angeles with his mom, dad and brother, Ortiz grew a special love for creativity through reading, writing and playing music. Aside from his creative roots, Ortiz enjoys staying active with a few rounds of boxing or a game of rugby during his down time.

Jim Clawson

Administrative Assistant

More About Jim

Jim Clawson has over 26 years of experience in the financial industry, with six of those working side by side with David Ortiz. Clawson specializes in retirement income planning, working closely with clients to set policies fit for each individual’s need. His dedication toward building long-term relationships sets a unique trust with his clientele and ensures exceptional customer service through every interaction. A graduate from Brigham Young University with a degree in communications, Clawson leverages his personable skills to build a strong foundation with each client for a journey toward financial success.

A California native, Jim Clawson is a longstanding resident of Pasadena, CA, where he spent his childhood and graduated high school. Today, he’s a devout husband of 22 years and a loving father to six children and 14 grandchildren. When he’s not spending time with family, you can catch him nose-deep in genealogy studies or out swinging a golf club on the courses. Clawson also holds a passion for travel and serving those in need, and later set out to do just that through a voluntary missionary service across Australia. Those closest to him would best describe him as a full-time husband, father and grandfather, and a part-time cook, traveler and golfer.