Cost Segregation

02 Jan Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation Analysis

Taxes are a necessary part of any functioning economy. And although I am sure we all would prefer a world without taxes, there are still ways that we can make our taxes work for us. The government has created tax incentives in order to create opportunities for companies to generate cash to stimulate further growth. But this doesn’t mean that these incentives can only be taken advantage of by businesses. There are strategies that allow you to use these incentives to create a major impact on your budget if utilized properly. Cost Segregation is one of these strategies. If utilized properly, Cost Segregation Analysis is one of these strategies.

Cost Segregation has been enhanced by the New Tax Reform & Jobs Act. This strategy utilizes depreciation of certain components of a newly built, acquired, or recently renovated properties to increase your cash flow. For many of our clients, especially those who own rental properties, this advance tax planning strategy has been more than helpful in improving income and budget. If you have purchased a new or existing building or renovated a building within the last 15 years, Bonus Depreciation via Cost Segregation Analysis may


significantly improve your cash flow.

Source H.O.V. Tax Team are engineering experts in the field of tax strategies and can help you keep more of your hard earned money. Specializing in Cost Segregation Source HOV|Tax, Inc will prepare a FREE Preliminary Benefit Estimate for potential Client within 48 hours of receipt of a few vital facts about the premises.

If this seems like a strategy that could benefit you, click on the link below and call us or Joanne Dispoto, Business Development, Source HOV|Tax, Inc at 310-344-5833 or email Joanne at Learn more about Source H.O.V. Tax|Inc. and how to Plan Smarter & Live Better.

Cost Segregation Analysis

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