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20 Mar Getting Closer Every Day

The economic bubble which we have been experiencing for the past few months is showing more and more signs that its here to stay with every day that passes. There are some analysts who would still go so far as to say that the economy is not riding the wave of a popping bubble. However there are too many signs that just simply don’t allow that to be true.

The first sign is probably the simplest to recognize, and that’s the fact that this economic dilemma we are in looks like every other major bubble in history. And based on the trends it is very clear to see that this bubble reached its peak in May of 2015 at the end of the bull market lasting since 2009. This is also proof to show that the Fed’s stimulus was the only thing keeping the market going

Not only are the American markets mimicking the bubbles of the past but the Chinese markets are sharing some striking similarities with the past. The Shanghai index crashed 45% in two and a half months, not unlike the Dow in late 1929 on its first two and a half month wave downward. Not only is the Chinese market struggling but so are the European banks. Deutsche Bank in Germany is down 59% from its 2015 highs and 89% down from its 2008 highs, even more proof that this economic bubble is popping, and faster than we think.

This bubble isn’t over, and there is no reason to believe that it will be any time soon. Call David Ortiz your registered investment advisor representative today to make sure that you are doing every thing that you can to keep your assets, and yourself safe.

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